The Nurtured Heart Approach™

Since Howard Glasser’s original publication, Transforming the Difficult Child – The Nurtured Heart Approach™ for Parents, in 1999, several more works have become available – each one providing a different aspect of the work.

Several advanced trainers have applied The Nurtured Heart Approach™ to particular areas of their work. Talented and creative parents, teachers, administrators, and therapists offer unique perspectives.

As we put the methods into practice and consider the dynamics of interactions, we realize how behaviors are reinforced and can more effectively determine when our attention results in improvement. Howard Glasser, developed the approach while directing a children’s clinic over twenty years in Tuscon, AZ.

‘School’ provided a rich laboratory for applying The Nurtured Heart Approach™. As administrators and educators became versed in the approach, they build relationships and develop greater skill supporting academic, social, and emotional growth in their students. They experience less stress and more joy while acknowledging qualities in their students, parents, and co-workers. Schools which implement The Approach produce data which confirm its effectiveness and more positive climates.

Books are available in the Children’s Success Foundation bookstore.

An Introduction to The Approach

When a parent, educator, therapist, or manager ‘gets’ the concept of The Approach, even when not applied 100%,

there is a distinct improvement in the quality of the relationship, in the effectiveness of discipline, and in the reduction of stress.